Three things you’ll love about cedar log home living in Colorado

With its mountainous terrain and wide range of ideal weather, Colorado is a popular destination for second home owners and retirees looking for a change of lifestyle. For many, living in a handcrafted cedar log home is a part of that.Ranch land in Colorado

To make the most of living here, you’ll need to build your post and beam log home with Colorado’s unique qualities in mind. Here are three great benefits of living in the Centennial State, along with some advice for making the most of them when designing and building your handcrafted log home:

1) A home away from home Many people choose to build their second homes in Colorado because it provides an entirely different experience. However, this may make it difficult to monitor the construction of your home.

Make the Most: If you can’t be on-site regularly during construction, you can successfully build your home long-distance by taking some simple steps. Request weekly progress reports from your log home builder that include checklists, financial updates and recent photos of your home’s development. You could also hire an architect who, acting as your construction manager, can verify that your job is being done right.

2) SnowIf there’s one thing you can count on every winter in Colorado, its snow. With over 25 feet of annual snowfall in towns like Steamboat, there’ll be plenty of white stuff for skiing, snowshoeing or simply enjoying from your fireside view. This means your roof will have to deal with significant snow loads in the winter.Snow on log homes in Breckenridge CO

Make the Most: In order to handle 100 lbs. or more of snow weight for months, you can design log trusses, shorten roof spans, or increase the size of your ridge logs.

Or if you opt for shedding the snow, you’ll want a steep roof angle, properly placed dormers, and well-designed eave detailing in your log home plans.

3) TranquilityIf you’re used to the sounds of the city prepare yourself for the backcountry of Colorado. The evergreens in Vail will relax you in a way that few places can.

Make the Most: If you’re living far from neighbors, your best backup plan maybe a generator. Ask us about how easily the land can be served by power sources before you commit to a piece of property. In case the snow piles up in the winter or you run out of gas, you’ll want to have thought through your options for backup power in advance.

Your cell phone reception may be spotty in the mountains, so bring a map and emergency equipment when you travel. But don’t worry: you can relax knowing that you’re not too far away from civilization, with many parts of the state being only 1 to 2 hours from a resort, airport or major town.

Colorado offers amazing living experiences year round. With a bit of thought and planning, you can build a handcrafted log home to enjoy the fullness of what this unique part of the country has to offer. Call us if you have any design or building questions. Our architect, Don Eggers is also available to walk your property with you. He can be reached at 970-724-3411 or